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Interactions et opportunités dans les réseaux à fonctionnement participatif

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The high penetration rate of mobile devices such as mobile phones, GPS devices or MP3 readers, along with the increased interest of Internet users in consuming and generating content, have contributed to the generation of new services and applications. In particular, we observe the emergence of a specific type of appli- cation, one that increases the role of users in the dissemination and forwarding of data. Mobile devices have constantly increased their capabilities in the last years providing a wide range of functionalities to its users, from health monitoring to entertainment and online services. The high impact of mobile devices has attracted a lot of attention from many popular applications, including online social networks and social media. Nevertheless, when run on mobile devices, they have the limitation of not being truly ad hoc, still depending on the infras- tructure in order to communicate. This is where opportunistic networks (aka disruption-tolerant networks – DTN) can bring their contribution by providing a low cost, highly dynamic, and flexible communication substrate.The main objective of this Ph.D. consist in proposing new methods that will facilitate the content exchange between mobile devices using the new wireless communication paradigms such as opportunistic or vehicular communications.