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Profiling professional and regular users on popular Internet services based on Implementation of large scale Internet measurement tools

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Résumé du projet de recherche (Langue 1)

Popular Internet services are fundamentally shaping and reshaping traditional ways of people communication with a major effect on their social life. Two of the very popular Internet services with this characteristic are On-line Social Networks (OSNs) and Peer to Peer (P2P) systems. OSNs provide a virtual environment where people can share their information and interests as well as being in contact with other people. On the other hand, P2P systems, which are still one of the popular services with a large proportion of the whole Internet traffic, provide a golden opportunity for their customers to share different type of content including the copyrighted content. Apart from the huge popularity of OSNs and P2P systems among regular users, they are being intensively used by professional players (big companies, politician, athletes, celebrities in case of OSNs and professional content publishers in case of P2P) in order to interact with people for different purposes (marketing campaigns, customer feedback, public reputation improvement, etc.). In this thesis, we characterize the behavior of regular and professional users in the two mentioned popular services (Online Social Networks and P2P systems) in terms of publishing strategies, content consumption and behavioral analysis. To this end, five of our conducted studies are presented in this manuscript as follows: • “The evolution of multimedia contents”, which presents a thorough analysis on the evolution of multimedia content available in BitTorrent by focusing on four relevant metrics across different content categories: content availability, content popularity, content size and user's feedback. • “The reaction of professional users to antipiracy actions”, by examining the impact of two major antipiracy actions, the closure of Megaupload and the implementation of the French antipiracy law (HADOPI), on professional publishers behavior in the largest BitTorrent portal who are major providers of online copyrighted content. • “The amount of disclosed information on Facebook”, by investigating the public exposure of Facebook users' profile attributes in a large dataset including half million regular users. • “Professional users Cross Posting Activity”, by analyzing the publishing pattern of professional users which includes same information over three major OSNs namely Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. • “Professional Users' Strategies in OSNs”, which we investigate the global strategy of professional users by sector (e.g., Cars companies, Clothing companies, Politician, etc.) over Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. The outcomes of this thesis provide an overall vision to understand some important behavioral aspects of different type of users on popular Internet services and these contributions can be used in various domains (e.g. marketing analysis and advertising campaign, etc.) and different parties can benefit from the results and the implemented methodologies such as ISPs and owner of the Services for their future planning or expansion of the current services as well as professional players to increase their success on social media.