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Spoofing protection for biometric speaker recognition

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Résumé du projet de recherche (Langue 1)

Biometric technologies have an essential role in assuring and safeguarding personal, national and global security. Such is the value of the assets or information that they protect, biometric systems present a serious and growing target for criminal attack. One form of attack involves so-called ‘spoofing’ where a person attempts to masquerade as another by falsifying data in order to gain an illigitimate advantage. Alarmingly, as widely acknowledged in the open literature, the threat to biometric technologies from spoofing attacks is all too real. Together with a team of 11 European and international partners, EURECOM is working to pioneer new biometric spoofing countermeasures to protect state-of-the-art biometric systems from spoofing attacks. This PhD programme will research efficient and reliable solutions to detect and prevent the spoofing of speaker recognition systems. Having obvious utility in remote or stand-alone scenarios with no human supervision, speaker recognition systems are particularly prone to spoofing attacks. The candidate will join a team of researchers all working in biometrics and security research and will contribute to work in connection with both national and European projects for which there will be opportunities for international travel. This position offers a unique opportunity to develop highly sought after skills in cutting edge biometrics and speech and audio processing research.

Résumé du projet de recherche (Langue 2)

The successful candidate will have a Master’s degree in engineering, mathematics, computing, physics or a related relevant discipline. You will have strong mathematical, programming and communication skills and be highly motivated to undertake challenging research. Good English language speaking and writing skills are essential. French language skills are a bonus.