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Improving Software Security via Symbolic Execution

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Symbolic execution has been used for bug finding with great success; it is
particularly useful in cases where simpler methods like random testing cannot
reach relevant parts of a program under test. However, despite considerable
improvements, the technique still suffers from scalability problems which make
it unsuitable for many use cases in practice. Moreover, symbolic execution of
firmware, i.e., software running inside embedded devices, poses a set of
additional challenges. In my doctoral studies, I plan to advance the state of
the art in symbolic execution with the goal of providing software developers a
tool that can detect faults in software before it is released. Specifically, I
would like to focus on the interaction between symbolic execution engines and
SMT solvers, as well as the symbolic interpreter. I believe that tighter
interaction between symbolic execution and the underlying reasoning engine can
alleviate some of the scalability problems we are currently facing, and there is
potential in optimizing the code execution step. I hope thereby to contribute to
the field of software and firmware security at large.